Dorathsturans are the dwarven race that call The Blue Cap Mountains home. They are dwarves, so naturally they spend their days mining deep into the mountain’s roots, seldom showing their faces to the outside world. Though this sounds like every other dwarf you’d find under a mountain or under the table in a pub, they are actually quite a unique breed.

A look into their past is the best place to start to understand who they are today, though even that doesn’t quite do an adequate job. Of the Dorathsturans past, not much is known before they came to settle in the Blue Caps. The story goes that they came dragging their feet from out of the north lead by Harhold Macetooth, saying no more other than that they had to flee their home and had nowhere else to go. Subsequently, war broke out between the Dorathsturans and the giants that already inhabited the land. For several days and nights much blood was shed until Harvash created The Blue Cap Mountains. [ see The Tall Valley for more info ] Since then, the dwarves have dwelt under the Blue Caps burrowing further and further into it’s roots everyday. By and large they ignore the other nations of the land. They are known to treat with the Gaia Giants from time to time due the lingering friendship they shared when their people had an alliance through the marriage of Harvash and Harhalda.

Dorathsturans today are not too easy to illustrate so we’ll describe your typical dwarf stereotypes and go from there. One of the biggest traits people note of dwarves is actually their smallest; height. Most dwarves tend to lack the height most other humanoids are granted, though with Dorathsturans this is not always the case thanks to the introduction of giant blood from the days of Harvash. Most are said to be a good one or two feet taller than your average dwarf while some have even hit six feet! The next stereotype we’ll tackle is the tendency to be loud and rambunctious. Unfortunately, these are traits that no amount of blood mixing could wean out of a dwarf. They are just as loud and self-destructive as any other dwarf though without that tendency for violence that seems to characterize this quality more often than not. Most dwarven folk you meet are consistently clad in any sort of plate or mail accompanied by fabrics dyed in very mundane colors. The Dorathsturans have no use for such cumbersome articles and instead garb themselves in similar fabrics, but dyed in vibrant colors similar to their unorthodoxly-dyed beards that twist and weave with any sort of metal work they choose to insert. Another similarity Dorathsturans share with their race is the fondness for smoking pipeweed. As is the case a lot with Dorathsturans they prefer their own way of doing things (another trait they share with dwarves: stubbornness). They are particular to smoking their own type of herb found only at the edge of underground mountain streams found deep beneath the Blue Caps. It is said that when the Blue Cap inhabitants smoke this tobacco, Balrog’s Blessing, they are spurned into wild spurts of creativity where their imagination takes hold to create some of the finest works of art, music, and craftmanship to have come out of the Blue Caps.

They are an extravagant people devoting their lives to the arts. When they aren’t mining they are dabbling in all sorts of disciplines pertaining to art. Surprisingly, their halls are very lively and exuberant with many lavish tapestries and rock work that has every nook and cranny lathered in color.


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