Elf of Gilgath


She is viewed by all as a woman graced with the looks that only gods deserve. Like all elven women, she is tall and slender with Iong, flowing golden hair that radiates when it catches the light. Her eyes are a truly deep violet, speckled with bursts of hazel, that often conjure the image of stars set into the night sky for those who gaze into them.


Seleria is an elf maiden from the nation of Gilgath. She spent her entire life there, never leaving once. That is until she turned up in the human city of Falihamse as the soon-to-be duchess to Duke Korfalium Layloc. The circumstances surrounding their betrothal are somewhat suspicious as no one knows where she came from or even why the human duke is marrying an elf. The only person that could know more of her would be Rainfier, who claims that she is bound to him for life.


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