Tales of the Eternal Kingdoms

The Garrison...OF DEATH

The doors to the garrison let out a wailing crEEeeEEEeeK as they were flung open. The eerie sound reverberated off the stone walls inside, filling the ears of the Mellowship as their eyes adjusted to the dimly lit dining hall within. Almost immediately, the unmistakable stench of goblins struck the unsuspecting companions as Rangrim shouted, “Goblins!”. Before anyone had time to react, the goblins were practically on top of the adventurers as they mounted their wargs at the behest of their shaman leader. In an attempt to hold off the wargs, Rangrim Greybeard rushed into the frey and cast a pale shroud of protection that immediately erupted in an explosion of dust and rubble as the wargs entered it. Seeing his opportunity, Redgar sneakily leaped atop one of the wargs and drove his daggers deep into its masters back. Rainfier wasn’t about to let his companions have all the fun though, his spear was a blur of sharp justice as it whirled around his body; cutting deep into the goblin rampagers, they shrieked in fear of retribution. Meanwhile, the Shaman wasn’t about to let the Mellowship take his garrison so lightly. Casting spells of snow and ice, the mellowship was all too vulnerable to the shamans attacks from the garrison balconies. As his axe whipped through the air, shearing limbs away from the shrieking goblin rampagers, Rangrim was caught off guard by one of the Shamans spells. The spell proceeded to strike Rangrim, knocking him temporarily unconscious as he crashed through the benches and tables occupying the hall. Amidst all the death and destruction, the spooky countenance of Paelias Windstone remained eerily stoic as he seemed to be watching things that the others could not see. Without any particular haste, Paelias looked up at the Goblin Shaman and slowly tapped his staff upon the stone ground three times. Upon the third strike, an immensely powerful orange ray of enfeeblement leaped from the staff and hurled itself towards the Shaman, knocking him from the balcony.
Goblin shaman

2 Direwolves [Redgar, Rainfier]
4 Orcs (2 Rampagers & 2 Archers) [Paelias, Rainfier, Redgar, Rangrim/Ravens]
1 Shaman [Rainfier]

Redgar and Rangrim downed at encounter’s end


gmpoto KyleNavel

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