Rangrim Greybeard

Dwarf Cleric


Rangrim Greybeard was a former member of the Fireblood Order and leader of the Selune Domain before his excommunication by King Ishmael Ironblood of Stonehelm. He has not been seen in the region for near 50 years and is told to be an adventurer with the Mellowship. Follower of a mysterious god he calls the raven queen, Rangrim is described as an ill-tempered individual with xenophobic tendencies and bad hygiene. Some have also referred to him as the Black Priest.

In his early years, as a cleric under the Fireblood Order, Rangrim won a lot of accreditation as an extremely brash and fearless warrior (brashness is a highly desirable trait to Stonehelm warriors). During the goblin wars, Rangrim was a heralded cleric battalion commander whose efforts led to the defeat of the demon god Maglubiyet, whose minions were forced to retreat back into the darkest depths of Stonehelm’s mines. Shortly after the wars, a period of peace was established and Rangrim was elected to be speaker for the Selune Domain in the Golden Triumvirate by the Linareus Domain speaker, Luscius Thunderbrow . It is noted that after retiring from the mine patrols and becoming speaker for the Selune Domain, Rangrim became much more reclusive and psychotic than usual.

Rangrim Greybeard was thought to have met his fate at the hands of King Ishmael Ironblood after allegedly sacrificing the king’s daughter Multa Ironblood to a dark religious deity known as the raven queen. It was not but a few months after Rangrim’s death that rumors began to surface of strange murders and sacrifices occuring around the rural towns and villages lining the valleys south of the Onhorth mountain range. The perpetrator of the vile acts became known as the Black Priest and was rumored to be Rangrim Greybeard, returned from the grave.

Rangrim Greybeard

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