Rainfier Stormbrave

Warlord of the Order of the Final Bastion

Rainfier is an imposing half-elf that always carries himself with an air of dignity, whether he’s treating with kings in great halls or sharing an ale with common-folk in a tavern. With the grace of an elf and swagger of a human, he’s suited well when dealing with all kinds of people from any tier of society. He is a man bound by his duty and rarely relents upon tasks set before him. Although never brusk and always open to those that approach him, Rainfier seems to have a curtain drawn tightly about him at all times. Easy to touch, giving way where probed, though never revealing what truly lies within. At night especially, his companions note that he often keeps to himself, always looking to the stars, as if seeing more than what is or searching longingly for something lost.

He has deep green eyes, speckled with bursts of gold and nearly black hair. Although his mother was a human, his appearance is more akin to an elf, with abnormally pointed ears for someone of mixed blood.


Rainfier is a half-elf from the nation of Gilgath; an elvish forest haven nestled along the southwest coast of Svorimare. The sea of Vessana stretches to its west and south. It was this sea that shipwrecked Rainfier and his men, among them included Talgriel and Shakira. When Rainfier woke, he was alone and washed up on a gray pebbled shore that gave way to an unknown land. Since then Rainfier has traveled the land searching for his lost companions and his lost home. Along the way he has reunited with Talgriel, who referred to him as Vashtil and gave him a small dark-blue, linen wrapped parcel that contained a dagger. The dagger appears ornate and is seldom displayed. From Redgar’s thievish, rare glimpse at it in the Abbey of Fortitude he gathered that within its grip lies a row of seven deep emerald gems with thin rich brown-red leather strips interweaving around them to make the grip. It’s leaf-shaped blade is wrought with elongated silver filigree throughout, pouring over the grip on its ends. The blade’s face bare the scripts of an unknown language, that easily flows with the accompanying filigree.

Rainfier is a knight of Alvyorn and member of the Order of the Final Bastion. Since his knighthood Rainfier has only been seen wearing a mask where ever he goes. Citizens of Falihamse have come up with several rumors for this, though the consensus is that he must have been physically marred during the liberation of the Abbey of Solitude.

Rainfier Stormbrave

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