Tales of the Eternal Kingdoms

Onward! Temple of Solitude

The Mellowship continued their trek through the lonely halls of the Temple of Solitude, searching in hope of finding the lost relics, when they heard faint voices coming from a room ahead of them…

They were able to slyly sneak into the room with the help of four giant sarcophagi that obstructed the view of the four men in the far back of the expansive room. While the Mellowship crept closer, the men were busy with loud chanting in front of an alter that commanded all their focus. Unbeknownst to Redgard and Rainfier, they began to become afflicted by a necrotic evil emanating from the sarcophagus nearest to where they crouched, though they disregarded this ailment since the entire temple itself had a aura of the like. Plus, they were focused on the task at hand; sneeeaking. The Mellowship’s track record for completing such a task is quite poor and unfortunately this time was no exception. The prayers stopped as the man more ornately dressed addressed the would-be sneaks. To their surprise the man was not surprised and spoke to them in a calm, almost welcoming, manner. This laxness put the adventures on edge and as was wise, they were wary of the man’s true intent. After some useless banter where both parties tried to figure out the others purpose for being where they were and why, the Mellowship were able to reveal the men for what they really were. Wispy undead necrotic harbingers of death! Wraiths!

As the adventurers expected a battle was upon them, however, what they did not expect is what this battle would bring. Since they were able reveal the wraiths for what they truly were, a few of the members reacted quickly enough to deal the first blows and get the upper hand for the Mellowship. The engagement went smoothly from there, as they slowly widdled away the foes. However, at the drop of an ax, the melee turned sour and the adventurers began to lose their foothold. It reached its critical point when certain members of the Mellowship could not even distinguish friend from foe. Not long after, several of the members began to fall like bows from Bree’s hands. The first was Redgar, then Paelias, then Rainfier, then Bree, then Redgar, then Redgar, and then Redgar. Fortunately for the Mellowship, they are better at fixing wounds than bows and every time one fell they were quickly rose again, to fight the foe anew. Though sometimes their was a new foe to fight. There was one particular moment in the brawl when Paelias caught a slight of the brain and erected a fountain of seering flames from beneath the very ground that Rainfier and Rangrim tussled with the enemy. Soon after, the room became a smoky den that smelt of burnt hair that one would only find around someone’s nether regions. Though, an eye witness claims this was merely Rangrim’s beard that had caught flame. Though, the dwarf was able to use this to his advantage as he cast a spell that allowed him to focus the haze on the remaining enemy; obstructing his sight and muddling his mind with the palpable rank. Eventually, while bludgeoned and bruised, the Mellowship managed to quell the final enemy with what little remained of their strength.

Entering the Temple of the Abbey of Solitude

       After a successful defense of the tower with the aid of Sir Oakley, the Mellowship were finally able to learn of their third and final Pursuit for knighthood. Sir Oakley explained that they were to head to the Abbey of Solitude’s main temple and free it from the evil that has managed to wrap its ever-growing, cold fingers around. He also explained that in order to this they must have three holy items. They were a Brazier of Silver Fire, the Bowl of Io’s Blood, and the Chalice of a Dragon. Luckily, they had already managed to obtain the brazier in their previous endeavours and upon Sir Oakley’s request, Rangrim produced the brazier that he had squirreled beneath his beard. After handing it over Sir Oakley began to recite what most interpreted as an incantation, for after doing so the silver fire roared from the brazier, illuminating the room with colors of white and blue and even brighter streaks of silver. It was truly a sight to behold, but unfortunately it to only lasted seconds before the flame resumed it’s original flare within the brazier. To top off the oddity of it all, the flames did not even give off any heat nor seem to inflict any sort of discomfort for the aged paladin. After this, it was decided that they would head straight to the temple since that’s where the remaining two items were rumored to lie. However, the adventurers were mighty tuckered out and needed a rest. So they napped.

Sir Oakley


      Not long after they found themselves at the entrance to the temple complex. What once were impressive wooden doors, gilded in what they assumed to be simply decorated iron, were now rusted over with one door folded in upon the ground in a heap of rubble from where the wall gave way near it’s top hinge. Some of the companions expressed their concern due to the feeling of a taintedness about the temple. With Rainfier’s new ability to communicate with fey creatures, Shakira was sent in to investigate and while initially reporting that she “sensed something”, it took no longer than that notion before we were made out by the enemy. Sir Oakley had taken it upon himeslf to let the enemy know we were home by leveling the remaining door with one mighty punch. What greeted the Mellowship in the entryhall were a pair rust meister’s whose flesh turned metal to rust with the slightlest of touches. The other monster was a rampant drake covered in wine-red scales flecked with bits of silver. The battle started almost as soon as the door hit the hearth with one ruster and the drake immediately filling the doorway where the intruders stood, nearly ready. Before they realized it, the drake was upon Rangrim and Rainfier, nawing and slashing away at their flesh. Fortunately, they gave as good as they got and more as they vanquished the beast while Redgar and Sir Oakley dealt with the rust monster. While all this ensued Paelias was occupied by other foes who joined the battle. A pair of gargoyles swooped down from the temple’s eaves to create a gargoyle sandwich with Paelias as the prime ingredient. Though he quickly had them regretting their meal choice as the bolts that leapt from his hands caused them to retreat back into their former form as rock solid statues. Soon it was only a matter of time before the rock munsters and gargoyles were felled as the Mellowship clearly gained the upperhand. Not that they never had it to begin with! But not before each of their weapons were afflicted in some way or form by the pesky rusties.

Drake.jpg Rust_Monster.jpg

      After clearing through the aged entryhall they made their way further into the delapidated temple where they were greeted with many choices. Choices in the form of several doors littered about a large hallway. After having Redgar stealthily peak through several of the doors to learn of their contents, he eventually came to one not so stealthily. What laid on the other side was stuff they had to fight, that they beat down. Unfortunately, this is where the narrator’s memory gets a bit “hazy”, though he somewhat remembers some form of bedroom warfare… and the rest becomes history.

The Truth Hurts

The Mellowship was resting among their slaughter in the upper most level of the keep when they began to hear foot steps coming from floors below. Faintly at first, the hollow echo of the strangers heel clicking against the uneven stone-tiled floor began to grow stronger until it was clear the stranger was heading their way. This was confirmed as Rangrim, surprisingly nimbly peeked through the hole in floor. Unsurprisingly, the hasty dwarf thought to close the heavy rickety door that had revealed us earlier. Nevertheless, we remained, poised to strike at whatever came through that door. The doorway then revealed the entrance to hell before us, as a fiery blaze leapt from behind splinters of wood and hot, rusted iron. Disappointingly, Rainfier, Rangrim, and Redgar were singed as the blast filled the small corridor knocking them askew. From behind plumes smoke sprang a fair, much unlike Paelias, Iladrin. Brandishing a brilliant silver sword eagerly waiting to fall, the Iladrin quickly scanned the hall to make the first strike. Luckily, the Iladrin’s speed could not compare to that of an elf’s so Bree ensured that it was the shaft of arrow that his gaze first met upon entering. After a few tense moments, the Iladrin revealed himself self to not be an enemy. His name was Berrian Velfarren An Iladrin from Paelias’ home city of Methrendain, who was searching for his sister who had been kidnapped. Though our goals were different the end result coincided close enough to each our desires, so after much discussion the Mellowship decided to partner up with Berrian Velfarren

The Garrison...OF DEATH (part two)

Battered and beaten, the Mellowship journeyed deeper into the delapidated garrison, up a winding staircase leading through the dimly lit upper interiors. Upon pushing through a worn set of blue double doors the smell of orc flesh filled Rangrim‘s nostrils as he spit in disgust. “Keep your eyes open”, he shouted,“there bound to be more orcs about!” Just as the words were spoken, the staircase opened into a wide hall and the Mellowship found themselves face to face with the orc war-chieftan Bakrosh, as well as the orc-queen Khavra and her host of orc reaver warriors. The war-chieftan Bakrosh attempted to offer the adventurers a deal, but Rangrim’s past experiences in the Goblin Wars had left him in no place to reason with the likes of an orc. As Bakrosh ordered the orc reavers to attack, the Mellowship managed enough strength to return their orc hosts ferocity with matched intensity. Paelias’ keen wizard intellect saw an opportunity to punish his foes haste with a snowstorm spell. Tearing through the cracked garrison walls and shaking the garrison foundation with unbridled power, the gusts of ice wind knocked a handful of orc reavers through a giant crack in the broken-down floor, before they had chance to attack the mellowship. Seeing the adventurers will would be harder to break than he thought, Bakrosh unmounted his throne and ran alongside Khavra, towards the Mellowship to finish them himself. Khavra was eager to decimate the wizard who had so cunningly dispatched her minions and she attempted to throw him through the crack as well. She nearly succeeded too, had it not been for Paelias managing to wedge his staff between a narrow space within the cracks mouth. Dangling 30 feet above the Garrison floor, Paelias teleported to safer ground near the cracks edge which further angered Khavra. Rushing at Paelias, she beat him to the ground and raised her stone maul to finish him off. Just as she was about to bring it down upon Paelias, Rangrim barreled into the unsuspecting Khavra, knocking her backward through the crack. Thinking his orc queen to be gone, Bakrosh became enraged and savagely beat Rangrim unconscious…..Bakrosh

The Garrison...OF DEATH

The doors to the garrison let out a wailing crEEeeEEEeeK as they were flung open. The eerie sound reverberated off the stone walls inside, filling the ears of the Mellowship as their eyes adjusted to the dimly lit dining hall within. Almost immediately, the unmistakable stench of goblins struck the unsuspecting companions as Rangrim shouted, “Goblins!”. Before anyone had time to react, the goblins were practically on top of the adventurers as they mounted their wargs at the behest of their shaman leader. In an attempt to hold off the wargs, Rangrim Greybeard rushed into the frey and cast a pale shroud of protection that immediately erupted in an explosion of dust and rubble as the wargs entered it. Seeing his opportunity, Redgar sneakily leaped atop one of the wargs and drove his daggers deep into its masters back. Rainfier wasn’t about to let his companions have all the fun though, his spear was a blur of sharp justice as it whirled around his body; cutting deep into the goblin rampagers, they shrieked in fear of retribution. Meanwhile, the Shaman wasn’t about to let the Mellowship take his garrison so lightly. Casting spells of snow and ice, the mellowship was all too vulnerable to the shamans attacks from the garrison balconies. As his axe whipped through the air, shearing limbs away from the shrieking goblin rampagers, Rangrim was caught off guard by one of the Shamans spells. The spell proceeded to strike Rangrim, knocking him temporarily unconscious as he crashed through the benches and tables occupying the hall. Amidst all the death and destruction, the spooky countenance of Paelias Windstone remained eerily stoic as he seemed to be watching things that the others could not see. Without any particular haste, Paelias looked up at the Goblin Shaman and slowly tapped his staff upon the stone ground three times. Upon the third strike, an immensely powerful orange ray of enfeeblement leaped from the staff and hurled itself towards the Shaman, knocking him from the balcony.
Goblin shaman

2 Direwolves [Redgar, Rainfier]
4 Orcs (2 Rampagers & 2 Archers) [Paelias, Rainfier, Redgar, Rangrim/Ravens]
1 Shaman [Rainfier]

Redgar and Rangrim downed at encounter’s end

The Path to Knighthood

Notes: (Need the Notes I took)

- Judged by brother in the heavens
- Took the trial (Name)
– Fought the Giant/ Wolf (Have to kill at the same time)
– Fought 8 apparitions (Paelias let out a massive electric shock and killed 4 monsters and Rainfier’s left pinky.
– Ran across a platform before the time ran out
– Chased the brother down across a bridge (With every step it felt like gravity increased)

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